Measured Spice : Helping us cook — and EAT — better!

A few months ago, Hannah contacted me to pitch a special project she had been thinking about for some time: a food blog.  I’ve been reading food blogs for as long as there have been blogs, and I just couldn’t imagine there would be anything new under the sun.  That is, until I listened to what she had to say.  (Full disclosure: I’ve been a guest at Hannah’s table before and can fully attest to the fact that she is a fantastic cook.  But still.  ANOTHER food blog?!).  “Measured Spice is what I’m calling it,” she told me.  Measured because cooking is science.  You’ve got to think about what you’re doing.  “I want people to think before they start messing things up.”  Spice because “Once you know what you’re doing, you can start messing things up with wonderful results!”

So here we are.  A few sessions in the Measured Spice kitchen and I’m already that much closer to a whiz at roasting.  She explains things in a no-nonsense approach and provides confidence, while admitting her own disasters in the learning process.  “It’s ok to *mess up…you’re supposed to *mess up!”  If you don’t, you’re never going to learn!  This will be an ongoing series to showcase some of our time together in the kitchen, but for a daily dose (and to start cooking and eating better food right now) follow Measured Spice on instagram here and go to the website here.

*insert alternate word.