So understated, Lindsay and Ed almost forgot to tell me that they would actually be getting married at the courthouse on Friday, the day before their Saturday wedding reception at Canlis. The only attendees to their very intimate (and impossibly sweet) vow-exchange were their parents, who were also their witnesses.

If you want to know the most happening, happiest place in Seattle on a warm, summer Friday evening, it’s the downtown courthouse, the Municipal Court of Seattle.  I got there early enough to capture them arriving together hand in hand, alone with the secret of what they were about to do.  I couldn’t help but remember my own elopement at the very same courthouse five years earlier, in the middle of winter (and without the added bonus of glorious late summer weather).  There’s something just so precious about a wedding at the courthouse: it feels like magic that the hustle of the city stops for just a moment, and smiles.

I might be a little biased – there were easily twenty other couples gathering that night – Lindsay and Ed were clearly the most stylish.