The day after their courthouse wedding ceremony (and as if they couldn’t be gorgeous enough), Lindsay and Ed arrived a few minutes before their guests at Canlis so we could do some portraits in both the Penthouse and outside– in all new, fantastic outfits that felt like they stepped off the fashion runway.  Fleurish provided bursts of color to compliment perfectly Lindsay and Ed’s neutral attire, somehow finding a way to represent the vibrancy of late summer in multiple splashes of unexpected joy throughout the Penthouse.

Though their style is undeniable (and seemingly effortless), their agenda is clear: they are much more interested in the celebration and in honoring their friends and family who’ve supported their union than they are in creating a photo-op for themselves.  The Penthouse at Canlis provides some of the most knock-your-socks-off views of Seattle, especially in late summer.  A glorious way to watch the sun set on Seattle.

Authenticity like that is truly my favorite thing to photograph.  It was such a distinct pleasure to meet, get to know and document this moment in their lives.