By detailing, directing and curating the moments-in-between, I capture natural reactions and genuine emotions and turn them into fine art.

I apply traditional, artisan photography methods to fleeting moments. I search for beauty and nostalgia in a day full of active celebration, embrace the imperfect and unpredictable, with the intent of preserving the innocence and purity of real emotions.

Because of this, I still shoot film.

in defense of the proper portrait...

A proper portrait is empowering. It proves not only that your beauty and spirit are real, they linger. I take the time to create an environment that is comfortable and unhurried in order to elicit authentic individual personalities, expressions and moods. Together we create a legacy, for you and for the people you love.


It's officially official and a date is determined.

I meet with couples and encourage an engagement photo session so that we get to know each other, and then I prepare by compiling as much information about the celebration as I can so that I am ready to capture the important details and moments. When couples feel confident in me, they relax and are able to enjoy their time with friends and family. And I am able to create lasting tangible memories of their joy.

It's time to celebrate!

Whether an occasion includes a handful of people at an elopement, or two thousand at a national gala, the people who gather create an intimate memory. Along with the decor and the details, I focus on telling real stories that unfold naturally and beautifully.